Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thanks OWK

Edge Creations was excited to see their costumes on stage at the Farmington Hills Civic center for the March 23rd shows of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

If you want to see more Rocky in MI please go voice your opinion over on the event's Facebook page!  Don't forget to post your photos of you and your friends in costume at the event! 

If your interested in seeing more of Oblivion's Wife and Kids, the shadow cast form this evenings events, please their website! OWK is excited to be starting a 10 show run for this summer at the Sandusky State Theater in Sandusky, OH.  Shows are surrently scheduled for  the following dates:
Saturday, March 31st – 10 pm
Friday, April 27th – 10 pm
Friday, May 25th – 10 pm
Friday, June 22nd – 10 pm
Friday, July 27th – 10 pm

Friday, August 10th – 10 pm
Friday, August 24th – 10 pm
Friday, August 31st – 10 pm

Friday, September 28th – 10 pm

We hope you enjoyed the show! 

Edge Creations

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