Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Floorshow boas, available in whatever length you need, commonly we make 6ft, 7ft and 9ft boas.

Floorshow corses are made from crepe back satin and are available sequined (8mm sequin) or unsequined.
Also Available: Red gauntlet glove (3mm sequins)


Frank Cape; satin shell with silver lame lining, shoulder pads and stand up collar.

Sweet T Corset; crepe back satin corset available with or without sequins (8mm).  Photo is representative of sequins and placement, actual placement will vary.

Green Gown; cotton poly blend, with tie at neck, waist, and ties in sleeves, Attached red triangle and detailed stitching to simulate repaired tear on right chest. 

Red Floorshow Corset, available in red satin, sequined or unsequined or in a presequined red satin fabric, pictured with red satin (unfinished) with ruffle detailing at the top as well as black lace, red satin black lace ruffle at the bottom, black eyelets and black cord. 

Detail of red presequined fabric

Black Frank Robe with Embroidered Dragon

Other pieces available for Frank:
Faux Pearls
Faux Fur Fox
Gold Gauntlet Glove
Tattoo Stamp available with or without make-up for the stamp

For more information or prices please email edgecreations@yahoo.com  


Columbia Shorts and Columbia Corset above, Columbia Jacket below.  This is our budget version for those who can't afford fully sequined fabric, it's a hologrphic vinyl that looks great from off stage. 

Bow Tie, holographic vinyl.

Costumes--Riff Raff

Riff Raff jacket is a cotton poly blend with inside pockets for stashing your bagel, rags, and the shoulders are cut roomy to accomidate your hump material of choice.  Stand up on the left shoulder is done with wire so it can be shaped as you like, hanging tails at the rear are finished so they look tattered and torn but aren't going to fall apart. 
Riff Raff Jacket

Also Available:  White Vest: cotton, with velcro at the neck and a clip at the back of the waist, with 3 functioning white buttons. 

For more information or to order please email edgecreations@yahoo.com


Bow tie and cummerbund are made from plaid fabric. Cummerbund is adjustable (velcro), and bow tie is available as a clip on or an adjustable strap with bow tie attached.
Bow Tie and Cummerbund
Blue Robe (above and below)

Fully lined and embroidered blue Brad robe. Blue color may vary depending on your monitor, as well as the finished product, due to the blues that we have available at the time of production.
For information about floorshow pieces, please see the floorshow costumes entry.
For more information or to order please email edgecreations@yahoo.com


Purple suit (unlined) features 6 covered buttons, hidden snap closure for quick changes, removable glass pearls for easy washing, side zip skirt. Fabric texture may vary depending on available colors from our suppliers.

Purple Suit
Pink dress features, back zip closure, 1/4" gingham (we currently do not have SA 1/2"), white belt buckle, flower buttons on the front and sleeves, sleeves have hidden Velcro for easy in and out.
Pink Dress

All of our buckles will vary slightly from the one shown.
Detail of the buttons, trim and sleeve.

White Janet barrettes, available in 2 sizes with a clip on the back.  Shown against a 1" grid.

White Janet buckles are also available for purchase. 
For information on Floor show corsets and boas, please see the post about floor show.
Please email edgecreations@yahoo.com for information on pricing, ordering or with other questions.


Dress features white collar and white cuffs, covered button front closure and pin tucks on front of dress as well as sleves.

Dress Only

Dress and Apron
Hat (Available but not pictured)

Butcher Apron also available

Also Available: Sheer with maribu trim, black sheer with white/cream maribu trim.
Sheer with sequin trim, black sheer available with royal blue or black/blue/green holographic sequins.

For space suits and gloves, please see the post specific to space suits and gloves. http://edgecreations.blogspot.com/2009/05/costumes-space-suits-and-gloves.html

Please email edgecreations@yahoo.com for pricing and ordering information.

Costumes--Space Suits and Gloves

Featuring pre-quilted 1" gold lame, vinyl wings, detailed gold lame belt with rows of stitching and front Velcro closure. Suit also has Velcro side closures, and Velcro at the neck. Buttons are decorative to represent the large gold snaps on the original costumes from the film.
Front View
Side View

Back View

Gloves are black vinyl with gold lame trim, the hand material varies, but is a silver stretch material.   
Also Available: Black Lightning Bolt, made of black Resin with two tie tacks to attach the lightning bolt to the space suit. 

Please email edgecreations@yahoo.com for current pricing or other questions.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We'll be at TC in DC, will you?

Just to let everyone know we plan to be in attendance with costumes available for purchase at the TC in DC mini con! All of the information about the Con is available here... http://www.trannyconcubines.com/minicon/
Look for new updates form us in the future!
We look forward to seeing you in June!