Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Purple suit (unlined) features 6 covered buttons, hidden snap closure for quick changes, removable glass pearls for easy washing, side zip skirt. Fabric texture may vary depending on available colors from our suppliers.

Purple Suit
Pink dress features, back zip closure, 1/4" gingham (we currently do not have SA 1/2"), white belt buckle, flower buttons on the front and sleeves, sleeves have hidden Velcro for easy in and out.
Pink Dress

All of our buckles will vary slightly from the one shown.
Detail of the buttons, trim and sleeve.

White Janet barrettes, available in 2 sizes with a clip on the back.  Shown against a 1" grid.

White Janet buckles are also available for purchase. 
For information on Floor show corsets and boas, please see the post about floor show.
Please email edgecreations@yahoo.com for information on pricing, ordering or with other questions.

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