Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Frank Cape; satin shell with silver lame lining, shoulder pads and stand up collar.

Sweet T Corset; crepe back satin corset available with or without sequins (8mm).  Photo is representative of sequins and placement, actual placement will vary.

Green Gown; cotton poly blend, with tie at neck, waist, and ties in sleeves, Attached red triangle and detailed stitching to simulate repaired tear on right chest. 

Red Floorshow Corset, available in red satin, sequined or unsequined or in a presequined red satin fabric, pictured with red satin (unfinished) with ruffle detailing at the top as well as black lace, red satin black lace ruffle at the bottom, black eyelets and black cord. 

Detail of red presequined fabric

Black Frank Robe with Embroidered Dragon

Other pieces available for Frank:
Faux Pearls
Faux Fur Fox
Gold Gauntlet Glove
Tattoo Stamp available with or without make-up for the stamp

For more information or prices please email edgecreations@yahoo.com  

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